PAY ATTENTION 👀 What Christians Can Learn from the Protests in China

Protests have erupted all over China over the Covid-19 restrictions and if Christians pay attention, there is much to learn.

This week, Chinese citizens have been getting phone calls from the police asking about their participation in the demonstrations. The phone calls are not random. The Chinese government has been using cellphone data to track down protestors they have been monitoring during the protests.

Through cells phones, the government is able to monitor travel, mode of travel, communication apps, messages, phone calls, photos, videos, viewed content, purchasing, and conversations. Every person in China must register their phone to their identification number; phones have been absolutely essential for travel, as Covid-19 travel codes are only given out for digital identification on mobile devices.

According to CNN, a Chinese citizen received a phone call last week from a police officer, asking why they were in the vicinity of a protest in their city. CNN does not name the individual, for their safety. According to the phone conversation listened to by CNN, the protester was asked if they went to the Liangma River on Sunday night. When they denied being there, the officer asked, “Then why did your cellphone number show up there?”

Christians in China have learned from these interactions. During house church meetings, believers are required to take certain precautions with their phones which prevents them from being linked to the meeting with other believers. Police can see when several phone numbers are congregated in the same home. These security measures are almost second nature for many house church believers. During a meeting with Chinese house church believers in Dubai this week for instance, the Chinese pastor demanded that all the phones be left behind before the meeting started.



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  1. There is nothing to learn from Protests today because 99% are Violent and anger filled and Hate filled aimed at either the Police or Military or the Leader of the Country or the Government. These angry violent protests are not the right way to get your voice heard or to get what you want. Peaceful demonstrations and a chosen spokesperson and a few others to peacefully voice your disagreement with who you are angry about. And resolve your issues maturely and intelligently with Goals in mind asking for what you want with words well thought out never yelling and screaming at the other side because it gets you no where and it puts up a wall between both sides. On FACEBOOK for over a year on numerous News sites about the BLM Riots what I described above and I used the same 5 Rock and Rap videos and a famous Movie to end the BLM Riots which took notice from the BLM heads and Rioters then they stopped rioting and I made sure to also include the Prime Example of Peaceful Rioters that Millions of Belarusian People did also my FACEBOOK friends where at every massive protest for a year always protested peacefully and marched together and not one protest was violent or angry or hostile. They did it right. They even sent me a Great Rock video of the Band Scorpions singing Wind of Change with a million protesters holding an extremely long Belarusian flag of red and white holding it but my Cyberbullier Removed it from my saved liked videos in my You Tube and he removed it from the internet and You Tube so I couldn’t put it back to punish me because I didn’t MARRY HIM.

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