Pastor Prophesies of ‘Chinese and Russian Soldiers’ Marching on Washington DC Next Month

Dana Coverstone is a pastor in the small rural town of Burkesville, KY. Pastor Dana has garnered considerable attention in recent months regarding his prophetic dreams, posted to YouTube, which predict Chinese and Russian troops marching in America.

In one of the videos posted by Pastor Dana Coverstone, he “does not claim to be a prophet by any means,” but believes that God has given him a series of dreams as a stark warning to Christians this coming November.

Could the warnings in his dream be from God or are they something else?

“I believe that I have a warning,” Pastor Dana shares regarding his dreams.

Pastor Dana’s first dream came in December of 2019 where he saw a calendar from 2020 where the month of March was underlined and the month of June was underlined. “And then in the vision,” Dana says, “I saw protests. I saw people marching. I saw people wearing masks. I saw people lining up at hospitals.”

Pastor Dana was so disturbed by his dream that he decided to share with the leadership at his church. A few months later, he was amazed to see the details of his dream unfold in America.



When the dreams came again during the summer, he decided to document it on video and what he shares is extremely disturbing.

“I saw Washington D.C. blazing. I saw fires everywhere. I saw people being rounded up and I saw Chinese and Russian soldiers on the ground. And Russian soldiers were telling Chinese soldiers to go and pick up these people, round up these people, secure this quadrant, secure this area … I saw blue helmets of the UN. I saw military things taking place.”

“I also saw no sign of President Trump,” he goes on to say in regards to his vision. “I saw no sign of leadership in Washington D.C.”

Pastor Dana emphasizes that his dream indicated that these things would happen in November 2020.

Amid the warning in the dream, “I heard the words again, brace yourself,” Pastor Dana says. “Brace yourself,” is the warning that continued coming back to him.

BTJ reached out to Pastor Dana and invited him on the BTJ podcast to share about his vision. At first he agreed, but on the day of the interview, other matters took him away from his office and he was unable to join the podcast.

November is next month. Are these visions and warnings of danger in the immediate future, or are they something else? We shall see very soon.

6 thoughts on “Pastor Prophesies of ‘Chinese and Russian Soldiers’ Marching on Washington DC Next Month”

  1. This was not wrong. This was a Dream, a dream about November Calendar, and the aftermath there of.

    If Trump overturns the Election, all of this is likely to occur.

    Stock up some food, Get ready for the worst days to come.

  2. Russia and China represents the demonic ideology of marxism/communism. the “foot soldiers” are the people who are open activists/proponents of those ideologies, ranging from politicians (mostly democrats) to other leftists, civilian, celebrity, etc.

    In my personal opinion/interpretation, I believe Dana was shown that Trump in fact no longer going to stay in office. We should have listened, especially with his advice on guns, since it is definitely possible this current administration is trying to heavily attack the 2A. Not to mention to prepare for hard times because this administration’s staunch advocation of the worship of molech (aka abortion) will surely mean America’s swift judgement and removal from world influence. As Jesus said “A house divided cannot stand”, and so it is with America, unless repentance happens on every level, this nation will fall under judgement (and I do not want to think what that looks like, especially since we’re at 65 million babies, or almost ELEVEN halocausts…)

    1. It’s too bad that you don’t point out that he said November would be the start of these things. And certainly the Chinese and Russians basically rigged the election with the Communist Democrats. I would say that Russia and China with boots on the ground here in the US is imminent.

  3. My interpretation, years later, is that Novemer 2020 was the beginning of the end of America, because of Washington DC. “There was no sign of leadership” as there has been, none since that month. America lost it’s world strength that month, and China and Russia will exploit this weakness soon with boots on the ground. “Brace yourselves” is to prepare for the shock that America falls to them.

  4. I believe that what you dreamed is still going to happen. We have no leadership in Washington DC. The ones who are supposed to be leading our country…. Sold Us Out!!! The only good thing is that the ones who gained riches by ruining our country , will not be able to take that with them when the Lord comes back.They will go empty handed just like the rest of us. So I believe that we should Brace ourselves.

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