Pandemic: BTJ Fact-Checks One Major Part of the Video

By now, most of the world has probably heard about or seen the video “Plandemic” that has been blowing up on social media. Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are blocking it, mainstream media outlets are attacking it, and the full movie/documentary has NOT even been released yet! The video clip circulating is ONLY a small video clip.

There are a lot of segments in the video clip release that are being attacked, but there is one portion that pertains to China that caught my attention and we would like to fact-check it for our prayer partners.

We will not attempt to fact-check the entire video, but only focus on one special segment as it pertains to China.

The coronavirus outbreak started in Wuhan, China and greatly impacted the underground house church. In January 2020, BTJ began supplying aid to the church in Wuhan, but our efforts were stopped when China began to cut Wuhan off from the rest of the world. Since January, there have been lots of theories about where the virus actually came from; this is why we find one section of the Plandemic video very interesting.

Plandemic links the current virus pandemic to a lab in Wuhan. Is that true or not?

First, Plandemic interviews virology scientist Judy Mikovits, who is an expert in her field and has worked at the highest levels of government. Those that attack her will quickly say that she has is a ‘discredited scientist‘ – which is simply not true. “Discredited scientist’ is a bogus term and an extremely disingenuous attack against Dr. Judy. Whether you agree with her conclusions or not – she is a scientist.

Judy A. Mikovits earned her BA in Chemistry from the University of Virginia in 1980, and a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from the George Washington University in 1992. Her PhD and life long research has led to break through treatment of HIV. She has studied medicine, vaccines, and virology for over thirty-five-years.

So yea, even if we stopped there, this background makes her a pretty amazing scientist. But, there is much more.

In 1999, Judy directed the Laboratory of Antiviral Drug Mechanisms in developing therapeutics and diagnostics for HIV/AIDS and AIDS. Her research is credited with saving millions of lives from HIV/AIDS. In 2006, she began researching neuro-immune diseases including ME/CFS and Autism, and she has been primarily responsible for demonstrating the relationship between environmentally acquired immune dysfunction, chronic inflammation and these diseases.

With all of her experience and education, is she right about the virus starting at a lab in Wuhan?

Unlike Dr. Judy, we are not scientists. However, the video caught our attention because Judy pointed out details about the lab in Wuhan relating to the root cause of the coronavirus, that hit the underground house church in China so hard.

Dr. Judy says that the current coronavirus is linked to the lab in Wuhan. Is that true or false?

Judith has direct knowledge of US funding that went to a research lab in Wuhan China, which was the only lab in the world studying the coronavirus. This just so happens to also be the same exact place where the virus broke out. We all watched it unfold live, as it spread from Wuhan to the rest of the world.

Dr. Judy’s claims turn out to be true.

By revealing this information, Judith exposed the very reason why the funding was given to the Wuhan lab, and there are several official documents back up her claim. According to grants given by the U.S. Department of Health and Human services to NGO EcoHealth Alliance, “This project will examine the risk of future coronavirus (CoV) emergence from wildlife using in-depth field investigations across the human-wildlife interface in China.”

The project to study the SARs virus in bats, at a lab in Wuhan, was given about $600k USD every year starting in 2014 and was headed by Dr. Peter Daszak, who has been described by others as a ‘virus hunter.’

EcoHealth Alliance worked with the ‘Bat Lady‘ in China to catch bats in Yunnan Province, bring them to the lab in Wuhan, and study the SARs-like virus that they carry.

Wuhan, the city where the study of the SARs virus in bats took place, has been ground zero for the current pandemic and on this note, Dr. Judy Mikovits makes a very strong and believable case. Add to this, that most scientists agree that the gene sequencing analysis strongly suggests the virus originated in bats and was transferred to humans through a yet-unidentified intermediary species. This information adds more fuel to the conclusions of Dr. Judy.

BTJ does not endorse the video and does not necessarily share the views of Dr. Judy, but the information that she shares about China is fact-based, can be proven, and are:


The WHO has discredited the video, but the head of the WHO is neither a scientist or medical doctor.  The handling of this video has been a very sad display of open discussion about science and medicine. 

The Plandemic video is being taken down as fast as it can be put up. The overwhelming majority of those in the main stream media attacking Dr. Judy and taking her videos down from YouTube and Vimeo, are not scientists and have zero experience in virology.

We will be discussing this on the next BTJ Podcast LIVE that you can listen to at:

2 thoughts on “Pandemic: BTJ Fact-Checks One Major Part of the Video”

  1. It might be the coronavirus slipped out of the lab in Wuhan by some mistake. Several sources makes that a credible and not unlikely theory.

    But why wouldn’t you say Judy Mikovits is a discredited scientist? (which seems to be well documentated). Though it might still be true some of her earlier work have been of great value (without looking too deep into it).

    I don’t like the idea of backing too much people who actively are involved in spreading conspiration theories. Something we as christians should watch out for (and avoid falling into).

  2. In my opinion right from the beginning, a week before Chinese NY, something is really wierd here.
    2. How bad the Chinese government might people think, this disaster is not made or done by Chinese to China itselves.

    We should not forget that the Western world has always seen China as their danger for hundred years.

    Before corona they tried to knockout China with opium.

    We see the hatered agains the Chinese all over the Western world. But by saying this we,also see Chinese beating up black Africans ! Shame shame!

    I only hope and pray that chinese officials are seeing this and Think !
    China should search and go back to their old origin faith with their origin God called Shang Di = Elohim = God almighty.

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