Naghmeh Panahi in the Netherlands

Our BTJ friends in the Netherlands are in for a treat.

This month, Naghmeh Panahi is visiting, and the BTJ Netherlands team has organised several meetings. This is a wonderful chance to hear Naghmeh’s testimony, learn about persecution and revival in Iran and get involved in prayer for the church there. There will also be (limited) copies of her new book available, which is due to be released on October 10th. Other BTJ books in Dutch and English will be available, including two brand new Dutch translations of ‘Leaving Buddha’, and the children’s book ‘The Courage to Obey’.

There will be two general meetings in Dutch/English, two meetings in Farsi, especially for the Farsi speaking community, and a women’s coffee morning meeting, which will be in Dutch/English, with Farsi translation at one of the tables.

The Dutch BTJ team extends a warm welcome to all Dutch, English and Farsi speaking BTJ friends in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to join us for one of these meetings. For more information in Dutch CLICK HERE, or English CLICK HERE.

If you have friends in the Netherlands, you are welcome to forward the Dutch or English flyer, which has all the meeting times and places on it.

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  1. Joan Kuba

    Naghmeh’s testimony will give hope and strength to many. She is a tower of Gods strength, courage and compassion. May God bless this journey!!


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