On Monday – BTJ Launches 30 Days of Prayer for North Korea, NEXT DAY – North Korea Asks BTJ for Help

The day after BTJ launched 30 days of prayer for North Korea on the social media platform DingDash, something amazing happened – the North Korean government reached out to BTJ for help.

North Korea has been suffering from extreme food shortages due to COVID-19 lock downs, closed borders with China, and enforced international sanctions. We are seeing people suffer and starve under the current policies. Recent historical patterns have shown us that North Korea rarely asks for help when they are hurting, but instead threatens the world with missile tests and nuclear arsenal build up. They do this until the international community pays attention to them and tries to calm them down with tons of free aid.

Last week, a couple of believers signed up on DingDash and asked the community to create a prayer group to begin praying for North Korea. We know that the nation is hurting and violence is how North Korea often asks for help. Instead of being reactive in our prayer – why don’t we become pro-active?

On Monday, July 27, BTJ launched a 30 day prayer focus for North Korea on DingDash for supporters and prayer partners. Several believers from around the world signed up on DingDash and joined us.

The results were immediate! The next day, on Tuesday July 28, a private message came from one of our contacts saying that North Korean government officials have reached out through a back channel and asked for help. The details of the message or the officials involved cannot be shared at this time for security reasons, but we can say that God is listening to the prayers of His people.

If you would like to join us for the 30 days of prayer for North Korea, you can join us on DingDash by signing up here.