Office Letter, Why Are We Running?

Greetings all!

As you have noticed, our bi-monthly newsletters are often penned by one of our national representatives. The US office has this privilege for this one. So, lets start by asking a question: why are we running?

This is a very legitimate question in light of Scripture. “Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us (Heb. 12:1). Or, 1 Cor. 9:24: “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it. “

Our goal, our ambition and our passion must be linked to the heart of our Lord in such a surrendered way that His ambition and passion becomes ours. To illustrate this truth I want to introduce you to Holy Hubert (Hubert Lindsey). You may be thinking, never heard of him,” which is not unusual. My wife and I first heard of him by a street evangelist who attended a church we were a part of while attending Seminary in the 70s. Then again, this past week another minister referred to him in a message and it has me celebrating a life who had been fully surrendered to the passion of Jesus – lost humanity.

Holy Hubert has been credited by many as being the father of the Jesus Movement. An ordained Southern Baptist (who finished with a Masters from Southern Seminary and schooled in Hebrew by a Professor of Hebrew who had been converted to Christ in his ministry) gained national and international awareness due to his radical evangelization and burden for the lost. For 3 years he ministered on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley. While there, he and his wife were beaten multiple times and during one of the beatings his wife suffered brain damage. Holy Hubert lost his eye-sight twice but was miraculously healed both times. But thousands were saved and miracles occurred multiple times while at the campus.

How and why did this happen? Hear the testimony of Holy Hubert himself, “I became so burdened for this generation,” he said, “that I would walk the streets of the campus – sometimes all night long – weeping and interceding for those lost kids. I pled with God to give me those young people.” Friends, God had given this man His heart for a lost generation!

The Lord answered Huberts cry – because it was His own – and gave him a revival. Church historians agree that the Jesus movement was of extreme significance in the renewal of the ’60s and ’70s. And when tracing the roots of The Jesus Movement, one invariably ends up at Berkeley with Holy Hubert Lindsay, (Dutch Sheets).

Again, why are we running? Holy Hubert and his wife picture for us the principle of running with the heart of God, allowing this to become the motivation for ministry. We need world-wide revival… a pure revival which will be free from the pride and selfish motivation that often comes in ministry.

Let us join our hearts in prayer for the goal of the underground church to send out 100,000 missionaries in this generation to be fulfilled! Lord, send revival!

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