Day 15: From Refugee to Rescuer

Ji Su was starving to death. She knew that her only chance of survival was to escape to South Korea, so one night she risked her life and swam across the Tumen River from North Korea to China. She did not know how to get from China to North Korea, but she was desperate and was willing to try anything.

Once in China, Ji Su was lost and alone and did not know what to do until she met a friendly Chinese Christian who was a Back to Jerusalem missionary working with refugees from North Korea. The Chinese missionary did everything to help and even gave her an audio Bible that she could listen to when she was alone. During the next week, she listened to the audio Bible and took solace in the words that she heard. The stories were much different that she had heard when she was growing up in North Korea.

She went back to the Chinese Christian and asked what she must do to be saved. When she asked Jesus in her heart, she felt a huge flood of joy and freedom flood her soul. Ji Su no longer felt the strong desire to escape poverty in South Korea. Instead, she now had the most unbelievable feeling stirring inside of her – to risk her life again and swim back across the Tumen river to return to her home town and share with her family and friends what God has done in her life.

Ji Su loaded up a bag of more than 50 audio Bibles given to her by the Chinese believers, tossed them on her back and headed back home. After distributing the players and sharing the Good News, she returned back to China to get more. Ji Su found a purpose in life that went beyond survival. She is now serving as a soldier in the Kingdom of God that is saving people from damnation every day.

Prayer Points:

  • North Korean’s are fleeing to China every week looking for food and refugee status
  • People are starving to death in North Korea – both physically and spiritually
  • Many North Korean’s are looking for food but do not know about the Bread of Life that will never run out

Today’s Scripture Reading:

John 6:34-35
Then said they unto him, Lord, evermore give us this bread. And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.