North Korean’s Secret Plague

There is a major crisis in North Korea that most people are not aware of.

North Korea is experiencing the largest drought in decades and it is plaguing the nation. They have just had 2 inches of rain in the first five months. This drought has directly affected the planting season for crops this year.

For most nations, a five month drought would be a major issue – but for North Korea it might be the last straw before people start dying by the thousands.

North Korea has not had a proper crop production in more than two years. Last year, in 2018 – North Korea had the lowest crop output since 2008. The year before that, in 2017 – North Korea suffered a huge drop in their crop production of corn, potatoes rice, and soybean because of torrential flooding.

It is estimated that more than 10 million people – or almost half of the nation’s population are in urgent need of food and are on the verge of starvation.

According to a UN report in May – North Koreans have been surviving on just 300grams of food (10.5 oz) basically that is roughly 1 potato or a bowl of rice.

These problems have been compounded by the fact that North Korea conducted missile testing in the vicinity of their two largest food donors – Japan and South Korea and threatened war with the other largest food donor – America.

Although talks between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump have seemed to release the pressure off of the fear of immediate war – nothing has changed with the sanctions or the threat that North Korea poses to the region – so food donations have not resumed to previous levels.

This is why BTJ is sending in missionaries that are helping with the current situation. Very few organizations are able to help, but underground house church missionaries are able to provide immediate aid.

You can join Back to Jerusalem in providing regular aid to North Korea by clicking here:

To learn more, you can also listen to our latest North Korean podcast where we share details about the current food crisis in North Korea:

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