North Korea Threatening to Use Nuclear Weapons – Missionaries Might Know Why

Many experts believe that North Korea is preparing to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to the border of South Korea, as a direct threat to annihilate the 26 million people living in and around Seoul, its capital.

We predicted this would happen last month during the BTJ tour in the Netherlands, where we shared information about BTJ’s operations inside North Korea.

How did we, as a mission organization and not a military intelligence unit, know?

We knew, because we have been doing missions work in North Korea for almost 20 years and we have learned that this is what happens every time North Korea needs food.  Right now, North Korea is experiencing the worst food crisis in the last two decades. Reports are coming in of people dying of starvation and, instead of admitting failure and asking the world community for food, the leadership in Pyongyang would rather extract ransom from a world threatened with the fear of annihilation.

There are many experts on the BBC, CNN, and AP News sharing their opinions on what North Korea is doing and why, but we have been working, traveling, and living inside North Korea for several years and we have learned a few things that might not be shared by mainstream media.

Here is the order of how we have often seen things play out during a food crisis in North Korea in 10 easy steps:

Step 1: North Korean Leader implements a new policy.

Step 2: The new policy is disastrous.

Step 3: The country suffers from said policy.

Step 4: The world offers to help ease suffering from said policy with aid.

Step 5: North Korea rejects aid because it defeats their Juche Policy of self-reliance.

Step 6: The country experiences unrest from suffering populace.

Step 7: The Leader whips up fear of invasion to shift focus away from unrest.

Step 8: North Korea prepares for war-time offensive to kill millions of South Koreans, Japanese, and Americans.

Step 9: A fearful world, desiring to avoid war, responds with more aid than was rejected from step 4.

Step 10: After many threats and negotiations on both sides, North Korea finally accepts aid on their own terms, as a sign of surrender to their enemies and then the Leader claims victory.

We are currently at step 9. North Korea is grabbing headlines and gaining attention from a world already fearful of war. Now, we need to wait and see how the world responds to North Korea. If the international community decides to ignore North Korea’s threats, then prepare for an intensified repeat of step 8.

The extreme danger of this international game of chicken that North Korea plays every time it has a food crisis is that one day, it might go too far. There are currently 30,000 American troops on the border of North Korea and not many of them are in the habit of allowing their lives to be threatened. North Korea’s bluff could be called, or North Korea’s military could get too excited and pass the point of no return to where the international community is done playing games.

The good news during this time of uncertainty is that there are missionaries operating behind enemy lines providing aid and support inside North Korea. BTJ has found a small opening inside the country which has allowed us to provide aid without the need to threaten war. More information about this window can be found in our most recent podcast.

During these times of “wars and rumors of wars,” it is important for Christians to remember to pray for the nation of North Korea.

Episode 651: A New Window In North Korea Has Opened

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  1. Mary Ellen Gilvey

    It’s because of three things. They are angry at Japan and South Korea and the United States. They’ve been shooting Missiles aiming in the Sea near Japan and South near South Korea and at the United States at Guam. They’re mad at South Korea for constantly flying those propaganda baloons over the border with passages from the Bible and that the South Koreans wanted to come over the border to talk so North Korea shot at them to say get lost then they blew up the demilitarization zone building where they use to sit and talk so both sides now can no longer talk. Kim Jung Un doesn’t want the youth of North Korea to dress like the South Koreans and listen to their music either so the youth of North Korea aren’t influenced by South Korea’s youth even though I read 3 years ago Kim Jung Un loves K-Pop Music. And North Korea has a bone to pick with the United States and they don’t like the United States but their Missile capability only reaches as far as Guam. They’ve been secretive about reasons for launching Missiles at Japan. By the way I had North Koreans FACEBOOKING me before my Cyberbullier illegally deactivated my Facebook 13 months ago and a North Korean woman 3 years ago almost sent me her video of her singing a song in Korean with a beautiful voice at the Mic in a recording studio and I had it sitting in my Saved Liked You Tube Videos for over a year and a half along with a video all my Belarusians friends sent me of their video holding a very long Belarusian Flag with the Rock Band Scorpians singing Wind of Change during their Peaceful protesting and my cyberbulkier the CIA employee Josh Harmon removed both of these videos from my saved like videos to cyberbully me and punish me along with several other of my favorites one in particular the Flaming Lips Race for the Prize inside Giant Bubbles on (The Late Show) with the 2 drummers with green hair). He has never put these back or any other ones he removed. And also the full version of Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon sing Fortlee Bridge Gate on the Jimmy Fallon Show. Many others too. He even removes them from Google Search Engine and You Tube Search Engine so I can’t replace them and put them back. Make him put them back and everything he deleted and removed even the very long email I was trying to send to the Attorney General in the Department of Justice on June 4th 2021 so he didn’t know what Josh is doing to me and another email I had sitting in my DRAFT email for 6 months consisting of 18 long paragraphs about everything I wrote on Facebook News Sites all over the World for 2 years 7 days a week that caused major changes in the World and in the United States and I was trying to ADD pages more and Josh deleted the entire Draft email on June 3rd 2021 and has never put both back or anything g else he removes to Cyberbully me and punish me for not being his Wife and reporting all his cyberbullying me to the FBI and he destroyed my huge enormous internet celebrity success I was having for 2 years and soaring with famous people, Rockers and Rappers and Royals and all 190 United Nations Members includingcthe Peace Ambassador to the Middle East and Muslims too from every Middle Eastern Country and World Leaders all over the World and people from every Nation. Josh Harmon’s Goal was yo destroy me and he did and got away with this because they have neglected to and failed to arrest him, and he’s getting away with it by bribing people and threatening people and using his CIA Title mis-using it to get away and terrorize me exactly like the M15 AGENT did to his girlfriend in London in a story on the BBC News May 19, 2022.


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