Next up in Fufu’s Forrest: Never Alone!

Discipling children continues to be a BTJ priority. The aim is not to produce a new generation of pew warmers, but a generation of courageous followers of Jesus who carry the great commission in their hearts.

Many of you have become familiar with Fufu and his friends. Our childrens book series continues to inspire children, as well as the adults reading the stories out to them. They are stories of how God empowers ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things and overcome great odds. The stories are told by imaginary characters, but the stories themselves are true.

And – the good news is, book number eight is on the way! Even better news is that this book tells the story of Mariam, whose memoir, Shackled, is making a deep impact on adult readers worldwide. The childrens version of her story is called Never Aloneand will be an encouragement for children to trust God is the most difficult of circumstances. Just as he was with Mariam and her children in prison, he will be by our side when we feel trapped and alone.

The book is in print, so watch this space and be the first to get it! In the meantime, you can make sure your Fufu collection is complete by checking our web shop. There are seven books available now. Also, dont forget to get the Fufu 10/40 window map, which pinpoints the locations where the various stories in the Fufu books happened. This will give your children an understanding of the scope of missions and the nations where the church faces persecution. To teach your children to pray for missions, be sure to include a Fufu prayer bear, which can remind them to pray daily.

Is your child too old for our Fufu series? You can download a free Back to Jerusalem mission course for teens on our website, called Missions 10/40, A beginners guide into the world of missions. It includes all kinds of activities and is also a great resource for Sunday schools and home schoolers!


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