The BTJ Prayer Guide for Syria: Day 22

Back to Jerusalem Back to Jerusalem missionaries from China are focused on completing the Great Commission by sharing the Gospel with all of the nations between China and Jerusalem. The Muslim nations are in the middle of that corridor. The House of Muhammad controls all of the nations between the Western Wall of Jerusalem and the Great Wall of China.

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BTJ Prayer Guide for Syria: Day 21

Mother of the Christian Faith Up to fairly recently, many Christians in the West knew very little about the Orthodox church of the Middle East. It seemed colourful and exotic, and quite far removed from our protestant/evangelical experience. Now they are among us. Refugees brought their faith along and this gives us a unique opportunity to experience and learn

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BTJ Prayer Guide for Syria: Day 19

The First Known Missionary to China “Behold the unchangeably true and invisible, who existed through all eternity without origin; the far-seeing perfect intelligence, whose mysterious existence is everlasting; operating on primordial substance he created the universe, being more excellent than all holy intelligences, inasmuch as he is the source of all that is honorable. This is our eternal true lord

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BTJ Prayer Guide for Syria: Day 18

A Terrorist Converted Radical Muslims currently control about 69% of Syria and they do not wear uniforms identifying them as the enemy. Many of these radicals strongly believe that fear and terror can and should be used to achieve political power. They do not care for equality, giving voices to the minority, or setting up democratic institutions. Syria has been

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BTJ Prayer Guide for Syria: Day 17

Notorious Nestorius Nestled in a little neighborhood in modern day Turkey is an ancient city that was only rediscovered in 2007 during illegal excavations. The great city of Germanicia was a cultural hub in Syria where a great hero among Chinese missionaries was born – Nestorius. Nestorius taught the followers of Christ that Christian missionaries should not invade lands and

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