Chinese Christians Locked Out of Their Bank Accounts Because of… COVID

A nightmare is becoming reality in China. Chinese Christians are reporting that believers have been cut off from their bank accounts. This is not just happening with Christians; this is happening across the whole of China. Beijing is not admitting the impact their Zero-Covid strategy is having on the economy and now it seems they are systematically taking money from

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💥 AVAILABLE SOON 💥 Chasing Revival Series in Farsi, Arabic, and Turkish

BTJ is working with Vision Video to provide the Chasing Revival Series in Farsi, Arabic, and Turkish for broadcasting in the Muslim world.  Vision Video is a Christian film and family programming distributor that provides video resources to provide families and churches with a historic reference of how God has worked among His people over the centuries. Chasing Revival is

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UPDATE: Report from Afghanistan

Back To Jerusalem has been able to smuggle resources into Afghanistan. While in Dubai, Eugene met with a few partners from the Middle East who are working in nations like Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Eugene shares some items that we can keep in prayer, but also encourages us to pray for those in Afghanistan who recognize that there is something

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Sharing About BTJ in the Netherlands

BTJ just completed a couple of days of meetings in the Netherlands where we were able to spend time with our partners and friends, giving private updates about the situation in China, North Korea, and other parts of the world. Dutch believers from all walks of life came together and joined the privately arranged meetings.  The attendees ranged from investors

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