Chinese Student Promoting Communism is Shut Down in Less Than 3 Minutes

Communism is surging in popularity among young college-aged students around the world, primarily because history has been erased and distorted. This prompted a young Cuban man to approach a Chinese woman promoting Communism in the west. When the Cuban, a refugee from the Communist nation of Cuba, understood that the young Chinese lady was promoting Communism, he asked her one

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Volunteers Needed!

You can support BTJ missionaries today without sending a penny! Did you know that there are hundreds of BTJ missionaries who are serving on the field and need help learning English? And you can help them from the comfort of your own home. Volunteers are needed to help teach English to missionaries who are serving on the field. You do

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2024 Elections Might Be the Most Dangerous in History BUT It’s Not Why You Think

The 2024 elections might be the most dangerous in history, not because of the candidates on the ballot, but because of what is happening in Munich today. At the Munich Security Conference, five major technology companies have joined together with China’s TikTok to develop an agreement to “protect” the integrity of democratic elections.  This is a major concern for Christians

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Chinese Group Waving Communist Flags Demand UK YouTuber to Remove Video With Their Faces – What He Did Next Has Gone Viral!

The freedoms enjoyed in traditional Christian countries came under attack last month, when Chinese tourists clashed with a British YouTuber. A British pianist was filming himself in a public venue playing a piano donated by musician, Elton John, when a group of Chinese demanded he delete any footage with their faces. When the man refused to delete the footage, things

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Instagram FINALLY Bans Iran’s Supreme Leader’s Account After Countless Calls for Genocide

Instagram finally blocked Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei’s account. The account was blocked on Thursday, following months of pressure from pro-Israel groups. Khamenei’s account had more than 5.3 million followers. “We have removed these accounts for repeatedly violating our Dangerous Organizations & Individuals policy,” a spokesperson told Middle East Eye following the accounts’ removal. Khamenei has often called for the

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Chinese University Students Punished for Handing Out Rainbow Flags

Missionaries in Beijing report that the government has taken a strong stance against the spread of the LGBTQ+ movement in China. Two Tsinghua University students in China were punished when they tried to distribute rainbow flags on campus. The students, identified only as Huang and Li, wanted to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia (IDAHOT) by leaving

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