Will North Korea and South Korea Ever Be Unified?

For decades, the South Korean church has been praying for reunification with North Korea. Their prayer was that the church of South Korea could re-evangelise the communist North and that the capital, Pyongyang, would once again be the Jerusalem of the East. Some denominations had already planned exactly where and how they were going to plant churches when North Korea

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How Do We Find Rejoicing in Suffering?

The Chinese underground house church is no stranger to persecution.  They have had to endure several decades of suffering for their faith.  Chinese underground house church pastor, Zhang Rongliang, for example, as described in Back to Jerusalem’s 30 Day Devotional (available by clicking here), shared in detail the persecution that he went through when he began sharing about Jesus in

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Three MAJOR Signs That Twitter Has Gotten Better for Christians

The media is bemoaning the current situation with Twitter, after billionaire Elon Musk bought the social media platform. Before Elon’s purchase last month, Twitter had been at the center of censorship controversies involving Christians for years. From deleting accounts for sharing Bible verses to banning worship music, Twitter had seemingly taken aim at Christian content which did not meet their

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