Christian Missionary Finally Released From Captivity Six Years After Abduction

Jeffery Woodke, a missionary and humanitarian aid worker affiliated with YWAM, was released on Monday after more than six years in captivity. “I’m gratified and relieved to see the release of U.S. hostage Jeff Woodke after over 6 years in captivity,” U.S. national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, tweeted on Monday. Jeffery was abducted in Abalak, in the country of Niger

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World Leaders Call for New World Order in 2023 Where China Leads the Way

A massive conference of world leaders called for a New World Order in 2023 and they may get their wish if elite politicians have their way. Some of the world’s most powerful and influential leaders met in India at the secretive Trilateral Commission’s first global meeting. Foreign ministers, ambassadors, CEOs, bankers, academics, and legislative influencers gathered together for three days

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Religion of Peace – Man Lynched, Beaten to Death, Dragged Through Streets and Burned for Blasphemy

A man accused of desecrating the Quran was lynched by an angry mob, beaten to death, and had his naked, dead body dragged through the streets to the sound of cheering, last month in Pakistan. These atrocious acts against humanity are happening at a seemingly more frequent rate in the Muslim world today. According to videos that have gone viral,

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China Declares War on Elon Musk’s STARLINK

China is gearing up to launch a massive number of satellites to “suppress” Elon Musk’s Starlink system, according to recent reports. China’s Space Engineering University, an essential arm operating under the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, have published a paper proposing countermeasures to the Starlink Internet system. The Chinese project, initially reported on by the South China Morning Post, is code-named

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