More Than 7 Million Children Starving in Afghanistan – And How You Can Help

The situation in Afghanistan is going from bad to worse. According to recent reports, at least 7.3 million children in Afghanistan could face severe food shortages due to floods, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and civil war. “We have so many families with small children that are currently without food,” one missionary from the region has reported. “Many of the homes

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A teenage mum in captivity

When writing about the persecution of Christians in Nigeria, it is tempting to begin with numbers, and use words like ‘genocide’. Yes, numbers are staggering, but for us who are far away, it is important to be introduced to some of our brothers and sisters by name, and to see their faces. Today I want to introduce you to Leah

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INTRODUCING THE FLYING KISS – World’s Tallest Attraction Ride in China (Would You Do It?)

No safety harness.  No seat belt.  No seat!  China’s new extreme ride, the tallest carousel and quadruple turning observation deck in the world, is grabbing everyone’s attention. It is being dubbed as the “Flying Kiss.” Would you do it? The “Flying Kiss” is an extreme theme park attraction of which the likes have never been seen before.  The ‘Flying Kiss’

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Chinese Cities Turning to Ghost Towns as Manufacturing Giants Flee

Entire cities in China are being abandoned as massive factories rush for the exit. International foreign companies are leaving China in record numbers. Manufacturers from the US, South Korea, Japan, India, and Taiwan are moving their production out of China, turning entire cities in to ghost towns. This is directly impacting our migrant BTJ workers based in the manufacturing hubs

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