Signs of the End

There are signs of the end that Jesus spoke about which directly relate to what we are seeing in China today. In our new book China and End Time Prophecy, we unpack many of those signs and share how that relates to China and the completion of the Great Commission. You can click below to buy the book:

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Brother Yun Preaches at the BTJ Business Forum in Dubai Ahead of World Expo

Picture: In Dubai, Brother Yun prays to prepare for the Great Commission Business Forum. Back to Jerusalem just concluded our annual Great Commission Business Forum where we were joined by business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world. The Great Commission Business Forum was hosted by BTJ just before the World Expo in Dubai. Brother Yun flew into Dubai and

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Has the Taliban Unwittingly Opened a Back Door for Chinese Missionaries?

The Taliban is turning to China for help after taking over Afghanistan last month, according to a Tweet by the Taliban Spokesman for International Media (English), Suhail Shaheen, yesterday. The Taliban is excited about China’s potential economic ‘One Belt One Road’ investment, without realizing the spiritual implication of the Silk Road strategy of the underground house church missionaries. While most

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100 Christians and 300 Orphan Children in Kabul Rescued, Brought to Airport, Then Forced to Leave and Meet Their Death by Taliban

There is a recent report out of Afghanistan, where Afghan Christians were taken to the Kabul airport to be evacuated, and were about to be airlifted out – until they were forced to leave the airport and handed over to the Taliban. According to former Recon Marine Chad Robichaux, 100 Christians were rescued, brought to the Kabul airport, and then,

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URGENT PRAYER NEEDED: Christian Hackers Focus on Disarming New Taliban Biometric Program

Prayer warriors – we need your prayers! The Taliban is using sophisticated biometric equipment that they have captured from the military, to go door-to-door to hunt down Christians. BTJ started working with our hackers over a week ago to develop a way to disable this equipment, but prayers are desperately needed. Over a week ago, a BTJ partner with special

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