Be encouraged by brother Yun! Thursday 12:00 EST on YouTube

Disappointments can be turned into blessings. This week many American believers were looking forward to hearing brother Yun speak and meeting him in person. Because of Corona travel restrictions, this is no longer possible. BUT… Something else will happen, which may even bless more people than we had foreseen. We will take our tour digital and focus on encouraging believers

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A Reason for Iranian Christians to Rejoice Among the Coronavirus Mayhem

Although the coronavirus has created sorrow for many around the world, there is a bit of sunshine in the darkness. Several Christian families in Iran today are rejoicing that their family members have been released from prison. Iran has released approximately 70,000 prisoners because of the coronavirus outbreak in the country, Iranian judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi said on Monday, according

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A Corona Sabbath Rest

As the corona virus is spreading all around the world, let’s keep in mind that God always has many different purposes and ways of sovereignty bringing about His will in the world today. One thing that God has always been doing throughout history and that is interrupting things.

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Corona kills senior official in Iran

This morning news broke that Mohammad Mirmohammadi (71), a senior adviser to the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has died of Corona virus. He was one of several senior government people to be infected, including a vice president and the deputy health minister. This makes the outbreak in Iran unique, because those that need to lead the country through this crisis are

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Iran; flood, faith and virus

After a devastating flood in the Southeast of Iran mid-January, our people have been on the ground, helping those affected by a massive scale disaster that barely made the news. Their work has been very fruitful. But a new disaster is looming. A short recap. In three days, some South Eastern tribal regions of Iran saw a year’s worth of

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