Caught on Video! Gov Official Announces To Villagers Their Cross Will be Taken Down

Last Sunday morning, on July 12, local villagers in China’s Anhui Province gathered outside to hear an announcement by a local official from Huai Nan. The message was simple and to the point – the church building’s cross would be removed. According to a recent Facebook video shared by a priest known as Liu Yi yesterday, the official village church

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Kingdom Tech. Censorship. And WWIII – A Raw Discussion with Eugene Bach and Gabriel Jackson

Kingdom Tech? Censorship? WWIII? Spiritual Guerrilla warfare on the mission field? What do any of these things have to do with missions? Last night, BTJ’s Eugene Bach joined with fellow Kingdom tech start-up guru, Gabriel Jackson, for an interview about using technology to set captives free on the mission field in a changing world. In this hour long interview broadcasted

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A “CEASE AND DESIST” Order was Given to Home Churches in Hebei Today

Today, another government ‘cease and desist’ order was given to to underground house churches. According to a Facebook post by the Chinese Christian Fellowship of Righteousness, on July 15 2020, the Fenggang Street Office of Nangong City in Hebei Province issued an order, banning families from having religious activities in their home. This is not new, but it is a

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A Series of Mysterious Explosions Are Hitting Iran

Several hours ago, a massive unexplainable explosion shook Iran’s capital city, Teheran. This follows several explosions around Iranian military, nuclear and industrial facilities in recent days. Eye witness accounts said some parts of the city experienced power-outages as a result of the blast, although no information on the cause has been released yet. An Iranian MP, Hossein Haghverdi, denied that

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