A B-I-G Thanks from BTJ for Making July 2020 Our Most Productive July in Unreached Nations EVER.

July 2020 has been an unusual month for Back to Jerusalem. Even though the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the ability of missionaries to travel, this might be the busiest July we have ever had. Usually, summer time is slower when it comes to ministry activities. Many Chinese factories have fewer orders as their western customers take time off. By

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On Monday – BTJ Launches 30 Days of Prayer for North Korea, NEXT DAY – North Korea Asks BTJ for Help

The day after BTJ launched 30 days of prayer for North Korea on the social media platform DingDash, something amazing happened – the North Korean government reached out to BTJ for help. North Korea has been suffering from extreme food shortages due to COVID-19 lock downs, closed borders with China, and enforced international sanctions. We are seeing people suffer and

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Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter Censor Viral Video of Doctors’ Coronavirus Press Conference

Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter have repeatedly removed the top performing video posted yesterday. The video was of an event hosted in Washington D.C. by congressman Ralph Norman (R-SC) and a host of doctors with an organization called America’s Frontline Doctors. Several doctors openly shared their views and professional opinions on the coronavirus and a medical response to the pandemic.

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People With Low Social Credit Scores Have Photo Shown At Movie Theaters

The Chinese social scoring system has a new twist: if you have a low social credit score, then you are deemed by the government as untrustworthy. Untrustworthy individuals with low social credit scores are journalists who write unfavorable things about the government, or they are people who do not pay their bills. Christians also have low social credit scores and

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Churches in China Stop Online Services to Encourage Face-to-Face Fellowship

Four churches in Foshan, China’s Guangdong Province, have just canceled their online meetings. They are meeting in person again. According to official government reports, Liyusha Church, Shiwan Church in Chancheng District, Shengping Church and Jinsha Church have all opened their doors and are resuming person-to-person fellowship and worship. All four fellowships suspended their online services to encourage believers to fellowship

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When Iran was Pro-Israel

Another conversation from TWO GUYS at the Museum of the Bible in Arkansas. Episode # 29 Back to Jerusalem ‘Two Guys’ is just a series of conversations with minimal pretext for two guys to talk about anything and everything from the perspective of life on mission.

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