Baptisms Continue in Midst of Persecution

It is easy to report about the increased persecution in China, but we mustn’t forget that the church continues to grow during these difficult times. Two days ago, during a special Sunday morning service in China’s ancient capital city of Hangzhou, China, more than 30 new believers were baptized. According to China Christian Daily, Pastor Zhou Hongliang of the Gospel

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Nigerian Pastor and 16 Year-old Christian Girl Among Those Killed in Islamic Attack.

The grizzly murders of a Christian Pastor and 16-year-old Christian girl in Nigeria last week, have gone mainly unnoticed by mainstream media. Reverend Adalchi Elisha Usman was in a church vehicle driving from church on Sunday, August 16, when his vehicle was ambushed by Muslim militia members. “The killers came from the bush and just started shooting at the car.

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North Korea struggles to feed the capital

Living in the North Korean capital Pyongyang is a privilege. It is home to North Korea’s political elite and top military officials. They get the best of everything, houses, education, entertainment, and food. If Pyongyang struggles to feed its people, you can count on the rest of the country struggling more. Our sources on the ground have told us that

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Four Christians Arrested for Producing Audio Bibles in China

Last month, an electronic company in Shenzhen was raided and four Christians were arrested for making electronic Bibles. Shenzhen Tree of Life Cultural Communication Co, LTD (深圳市生命树文化传播有限公司) had four employees that were arrested on July 2, 2020 as a part of China’s crack down on production and distribution of Christian materials. The four Christians arrested were Fu Xuanjuan, Deng Tianyong,

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