How a One-Legged Man Turned Wenzhou into a City with the Most Christians in China

Wenzhou is well-known for being the city where the Communist government openly admitted defeat in its confrontation with Christianity. The reason for so many stubborn believers can be traced back to one extremely persistent one-legged missionary from Scotland – George Stott.

George Stott’s story of how God called him to Wenzhou is an impossible one. If God has called you to do the impossible – this story is for you!

Wenzhou has often been called the ‘Jerusalem of China’ because of the insane number of Christians that live there today. After 5 decades of persecution to remove Christianity from the city, the Communist Party of China came to the conclusion that the persistent faith planted over 100 years ago couldn’t be stamped out.

Wenzhou hasn’t always been Christian. In fact, over 150 years ago, it was hard, evil, and cruel to outsiders. In the 1800s, no foreigner had ever attempted to go there.

George Stott was the most unlikely person to be chosen to go to China. He lost his leg as a teenager, was bound to be handicapped for the rest of his life, and the only real record of him in England that we could find was a university rejection letter. No one wanted him.

When he volunteered to be a missionary, most missionaries laughed. Traveling through the unchartered mountains, swamps, deserts, and jungles of China with only one leg was impossible. When the legendary Hudson Taylor asked Stott why he was going to China with only one leg, he confidently and without desire for pity replied, “I do not see those with two legs going, so I must.”

THE LAME SHALL TAKE THE PREY, is the unbelievable story of how George and his wife, Grace Stott, were the very first pioneer missionaries to bring the Gospel to Wenzhou. This book, written by Grace Stott herself, tells the untold story of how God used the most unlikely individuals to transform a city which impacted a nation that, today, is experiencing the world’s largest revival.

Their journey to China was anything but easy and the joys and pains of their 26-year journey are carefully captured in the following pages.

Rejected, attacked, persecuted, chased, stoned, and at one point even accused of cutting the hearts and liver from small Chinese children to grind up into medicine, George and Grace Stott did not stop preaching the Gospel. George, the one-legged Scotsman, limped from village to village preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. In his own words: “the lame shall take the prey.”

It is impossible to understand the revivals in China today without knowing the story of George and Grace Sott. The massive metropolitan of Wenzhou has more ethnic Christians than any other city in China, with an average of one church for every square kilometre.

BUT READER BEWARE: The words in this book do not read like any modern writing that the reader might be accustomed to. Prepare to be accosted by forgotten mission concepts and ideas that can only be found in the pages of raw missionary writings from over 150 years ago. Don’t be intimidated by the outdated vocabulary, but instead let this century-old language transport you to another place and time.

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The Lame Shall Take The Prey (eBook)

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