Mother of Two Reviews BTJ’s New Children’s Book

When I read BTJ’s new book to my children, “Tales from Fufu’s Forest,” I must admit that I really loved it. It not only teaches biblical principles of obedience, faith, and healing, but it also gives a good insight about eastern culture.

The book really helped me engage in deep conversation with my children throughout the book.
For an example, in one part of the book, Fu Fu serves tea to his guest. From that story, I can talk about Eastern Hospitality with my children and what that means.

As a woman from Asia, I can really relate to the book and speak volumes to my children about Sister Li’s situation and share with them how women in other parts of the world don’t have freedom the girls from Christian countries have.

In a way, the new BTJ book even reminds me of my friends in India. When a young girl accepts Jesus as her Savior and Lord. She cannot share with her parents. The reason is her parents would not likely accept it and it would be a shame to her family.

Their marriages are arranged by their parents, so even after becoming Christian, the girls don’t get to pick their own husband. Many of my friends who became Christians were married off to Hindu men.

I know a few of them eventually shared their Christian faith with their Hindu husbands and found themselves in trouble.

I remember one of my friends who had to tear pieces out of the Bible and hide them in her garments so that she could read them in the bathroom when she was alone.

That was just in India. I know that things are even worse in our neighboring country Pakistan where apostasy is against the law. Many people have been killed for accepting Jesus.

These cultural aspects were renewed in my mind when I read the children’s book with my children.

If you would like to purchase the new children’s book, it is available exclusively through BTJ and you can do so by clicking on the link below.

Currently, supplies are extremely low on the first print and the second print will not be ready until January 2018, so get yours today.

Tales from Fu Fu’s Forest: The Courage to Obey

Contributing Author:  Banu

Banu is a former Muslim from India who is married with two children and shares about her journey from Islam to Christ.

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