Mom SHOCKED to Discover Impact LGBT Children Books Have on Her 7 Yr Old Daughter

Children’s books have an extremely high impact on how children think and see their place in the world. This was seen by one mother last year, when she bought couple of transgender-friendly books for her seven year-old daughter for Christmas.

The mother wrote on her social media account, “My daugher 7yrs was extremely excited to receive these books for Christmas and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Only a month later, everything changed. The mother noticed huge changes in her daughter’s behavior and on January 30, the frantic mother took to social media writing, “Need a little advice. My daughter [7yrs] just came to me and said she thinks she wants to be a boy.”

The mother goes on to explain in her post, “But I honestly don’t think that she is a boy inside,” because “she was always a very ‘girly girl,’ favorite color has always been pink…loved dresses and make up, crushes on boys, etc.”

Since her mother bought her the children’s books, “Suddenly her favorite color changed to blue and she’s interested in basketball etc. She also mentioned that she had a crush on a girl…”

The details of the mom’s account was shared on the Instagram account: @buttonslives

Proverbs 22:6 clearly teaches, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

What kind of material are you exposing your child to? If you do not decide, the world will decide for you.

The enemy is attacking the young generation. They are being groomed at a very early age to expose them to things that are meant to destroy them. Below is an extremely graphic drag show that promotes homosexual erotica, where children are encouraged to give money to sexually suggestive performers in front of a sign that reads, “IT’S NOT GOING TO LICK ITSELF.”

Click on the photo below for the full video or click here (

What are your children reading?

Over the summer many parents are simply too busy to see what their young children reading or watching. Many hope that their children will find something on the television or computer to entertain them, but the truth is, Christians have to be deliberate about what to expose their children to.

That is why BTJ has created a children’s book series.

What if, instead of looking to the world for role models, children were exposed to men and women of God who have given their lives in foreign lands to preach the Good News?

BTJ has created a series of books that do just that. We also have several free exciting and enjoyable activities for your children to do online that will teach them about lost tribes, foreign missionaries, and the calling that God has on their life.

Several children’s books await your child today that will take them on a journey to foreign lands such as China, Tibet, India, Sudan and Saudi Arabia! They will learn how the God of the Bible is still performing miracles today. Along the way, your child might even pick up a foreign language, as each book is laced with easy-to-learn Chinese words and characters.

To learn more about BTJs children book series, click HERE

To learn more about the BTJ activity page, click HERE


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