Missionaries Diagnosed with Terminal Illness Often Return Home – BUT NOT THIS ONE

When most missionaries serving abroad are diagnosed with a terminal illness, that is usually a sign for them to return home to be with family and seek the medical care they need. That is not the case for Barbara White, a minister and BTJ partner living and working in the Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq.

When Barbara was first diagnosed with cancer, she gave praise to the Lord, knowing that He would either heal her or take her home to be with Him. She made it clear she was content with whichever one the Father had for her.

Without significant medical funds or financial support, Barbara decided to stay in Iraq and be treated in Kurdistan. She used her hospital visits as a way to minister to doctors and medical staff that cared for her.

Barbara has gone through 3 rounds of chemotherapy over the last several weeks. The most recent report is that the cancer (which was everywhere in her body) has almost been eradicated. There remains some presence in her right lung/lymph nodes. After further testing, the doctor has determined that another round of chemotherapy is appropriate starting tomorrow on Saturday November 19th.

On this day, please join us as we pray for complete healing in Barbara’s body.

The tests, treatments, and living expenses during this time in Barbara’s life are a challenge. If you would like to invest in an amazing ministry, please go to www.Light-Foundation.net

There are few investments in Kingdom work that are as powerful as Barbara’s life and her ministry, Light Foundation. Her service to the Chinese BTJ missionaries and continued testimony of our Lord Jesus is amazing! The Father is continuing to bring people to her to hear the Good News… even her Doctor is having to deal with the Light of Jesus which shines through her.

2 thoughts on “Missionaries Diagnosed with Terminal Illness Often Return Home – BUT NOT THIS ONE”

  1. God bless you Barbara! Praying for you <3 Your faith and dedication are beautiful and an obvious testament to your love for Jesus… I admire them so much! Lord, please continue the good work that you have begun in Barbara and bring it to completion!

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