Massive Flood SLAMS China …and ALL Christians AND their Property are Miraculously UNHARMED

A pastor from Mian County, Shaanxi province, has reported that, miraculously, Christians were supernaturally protected from suffering any deaths or damages in the wake of one of China’s most historic floods.

From August 21-22, Mian County received almost a year of rain in one single day. It was one of the most powerful floods in meteorological records.

11,639 people lost roughly 1,146 hectors of land, but Pastor Zhu Lin from Mian County Church has reported in a phone interview with the Gospel Times, an online Chinese Christian newspaper, that the Christians from his church did no lose any property or significant valuables.

As the storm slammed the province of Shaanxi, Pastor Lin gathered with his church members and prayed. Pastor Zhu jubulantly declared that the entire church passed through the storm safely without any loss of property.


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