LUNCH TIME IN CHINA: The Rat Meat Disguised as Duck Meat – A Scandal that We Can All Learn from

Here is a story of a scandal that has gripped China for weeks.

In China’s Southeastern Province of Jiangxi, students found something weird about the duck being served at the local canteen. As one of the students picked up the duck meat with his chopsticks, he felt that it didn’t look like duck meat. Chinese students often eat duck meat. They know what it looks like, but this meat seemed a little… strange.

When the workers serving the food were questioned, they replied that the meat was indeed duck meat, but upon closer inspection, the students discovered they were being fed rat meat.

In a video posted on Chinese social media, a student can be seen picking up a dark hairy object with his chopsticks and complained to the canteen staff that he had found a rat’s head.

“This is duck meat,” a female staffer replied.

“Isn’t this rat’s teeth?” the student said, turning the object to reveal the tiny white pieces in the middle and the shape of a nose above.

“This is duck meat! Duck meat! How could there be teeth in duck meat?”

The debate forced local authorities to make a public statement saying, “Our investigation found that the video was indeed shot at our school canteen but its content does not match the facts.”

They insist that the meat was duck meat, but simply saying it doesn’t make it so. Just because the authorities in China identifies the meat as duck meat does not change the origin of the meat.

Or does it?

A careful look at the video and photos posted on Chinese social media indicate that the meat is not duck meat. The sodden grey lump appears to have eyes and rodent-like teeth – two characteristics not found on a duck neck.

If the meat is indeed rat meat, but the authorities demand everyone agree that it is duck meat, does it change the meat?

In many countries today there are arguments that a man is anyone who feels like a man and a woman is anyone who feels like a woman. If a biological female feels like a male one day, social laws are being constructed that legally require others to refer to her as a male. In the same way, if a biological male feels like competing in a female sport as a female, he is allowed to with very little questioning.

It seems that in the last days, language is being changed to fit our lies. It would be interesting to know if this is what Isaiah meant when he wrote in 5:20, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”




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