Lock down discount and free books!

It is almost Easter, but many of you can’t go out and do fun stuff. And money may be tight for you right now. So, we want to help you make the most of this lock down by offering ALL our digital and physical books at a 50% discount AND let you read books for free on our Back to Jerusalem App.

This time of social isolation can be hard and lonely, and many people worry about their health and livelihoods. Let the stories in our books encourage you. Many of them are about people who have faced massive disruptions in their lives. Persecution, imprisonment, poverty and disease, none of that could separate them, or us, from the love of God.

Although the context is different, what remains is that our God can be trusted to be with us through all the pain we experience and to work out his purposes. Take advantage of the experiences of our persecuted brothers and sisters and use this time to grow in faith.

We are not forgetting your children either. We even read the book for them! Go here for an inspiring missionary story, read from the book ‘The courage to Obey’, the first book from our Fufu series. It is about being brave, an appropriate theme!

Free books will be uploaded on our App in the course of this week. You can download the Back to Jerusalem App from your play store or click here.

For physical books and E-books, go to our store and claim your 50% discount with this discount code: LOCKIN50



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