Letter From the Office

Over the years we have written extensively about the land between the walls – the nations between the Great Wall of China and the Western Wall of Jerusalem. These lands are the darkest area in the world today, and one thing is certain – they need revival.

For the last five years, I have been following the history of revival – starting from Acts 1:8 and following it until today, and the one thing that I have learned is that revival changes the future of a country forever, for the better.

Revival is the best blessing bestowed on a people group.  Children are blessed for several generations.  No one is untouched by revival’s blessing – even those who did not participate are positively affected.  A revival even blesses those who persecuted Christians in attempts to prevent the revival!

During my travels tracing revival’s history, there is an immutable truth that is repeatedly evident – revivals do not happen to buildings or lands. Revival happens to people.

Revival transforms people, and people, in the hands of an awesome God, transform other people.

That is why BTJ does not invest in buildings or projects – but in people, and when one of the people on our team feels sorrow, we all feel it.

This is why when Kajsa, one of the writers on the BTJ staff lost her brother this week, we all mourned with her.

Kajsa’s brother was only 40 years old, and passed away completely unexpectedly.  Our newsletter is dedicated to Kajsa’s family in the memory of her brother, who has gone on to be with the Lord.

Eugene Bach

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