Letter from the office, Reaching the lost generation

Let me tell you about a revival. It’s 2023. There is a war in the East, crisis to the West and in the midst of the turmoil there is something else rising. A noise, like the sound of a multitude of bones coming together. It seems like the last 30 years have been a staging time for this fresh, new thing being brought to life. It is a revival of a different kind, a revival of the young and confused, a revival in families, a fresh desire to meet the Lord in a way that has not been seen for a long time.

However, the story I’m about to share started almost 20 years ago, when a famous Polish Jesuit priest received a book and was told to read it. It was the testimony of Brother Yun, “The Heavenly Man.” While the priest was reading the book he realized this shocking truth: that he had all that he needed to live the priestly life and the Chinese Christians had nothing of what he had and yet… they experienced the presence, the love & the power of Jesus in the midst of persecution and struggle. On that day he made the decision to resign and to pursue the Christianity of our forefathers, to chase Revival, to fulfil the calling of the Holy Spirit.

Fast forward to 2023 and the same ex-Jesuit priest is now my dearest friend, laboring through social media, using all means possible to reach the generation that, until now, seemed lost and out of reach. He is bringing the Bible message to over 100,000 Polish people every month through YouTube and hearing testimonies of hundreds of people saying the same thing: “We craved for intimacy with Jesus.” All of this started through the testimony and sacrifice of Brothers and Sisters in China.

But please, don’t think that I’m just bragging here about our own success! No, I have a desire to challenge you. I would love to spend some time with you personally and talk about your calling. It does not matter who you are, where you are from or what you have been through – the Holy Spirit is calling you right now to take that personal mantle of responsibility to fulfil the deeds that the Lord entrusted to you before the creation of the world. There is no backup plan for the things you have been given to do, no one else will be creative in the way the Lord wants to be creative through you. You can say, “BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT MY CALLING IS.” It’s ok, just do a small thing and look for the fruit, make a small step of faith and soon enough you’ll be walking on water.

Right now, we have at arms-length a whole generation of teenagers and young adults who are struggling to find their meaning. We can reach them through a million creative ways. Find your field to work and take this amazing opportunity to inspire a whole new generation of radical Christians. May this be my new year blessing for you – take up the mantle of responsibly and walk the path of your calling, so that your life will bring a hundredfold fruit.

BTJ Poland

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