Lending a Helping Hand

We are scheduling our next tour to Iraq. On this trip, we will be traveling the countryside into the small villages and supplying food for the hungry, visiting our safe house, and many more adventures that can stray from the path when you travel with Eugene. If you have a heart for Iraq and the Yazidi people, this trip is a wonderful opportunity to get your feet wet on the mission field. Our vision casting tours are designed to help open your eyes to the mission field, to help us step out of our comfort zones, and to serve. This is the opportunity for you!

For more information to help us serve in the field on this trip, please contact Belinda at fieldoperator@backtojerusalem.com

Recommended reading for this adventure will be “Genocide in the Desert” by Eugene Bach and Dr. Paul Kingery

Raves from our last tour to Iraq

Visiting the Yazidi people of Northern Iraq was a profound and life-changing experience for me. Seeing how they live and being a part of their lives even for a short time impacted me in a way that I am no longer able to ignore what happens in this part of the world. 

It has been an absolute honor to build lasting friendships with some of the Yazidi people. The Lord gave me an opportunity to pray for one young man since I came back home–He was able to see the love of Jesus as the Lord healed his failing kidneys. It is my hope to return to these people again and again in my lifetime.”     ~Steph~

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