Kingdom Tech. Censorship. And WWIII – A Raw Discussion with Eugene Bach and Gabriel Jackson

Kingdom Tech? Censorship? WWIII? Spiritual Guerrilla warfare on the mission field? What do any of these things have to do with missions?

Last night, BTJ’s Eugene Bach joined with fellow Kingdom tech start-up guru, Gabriel Jackson, for an interview about using technology to set captives free on the mission field in a changing world.

In this hour long interview broadcasted live on Facebook, Eugene and Gabriel discuss the Kingdom technology that is being developed to take the Gospel into the nations that have never heard the Good News. They also point out the current risks that every Christian should know, regarding current social media platform censorship and how they can take steps to minimize that risk.

They share about the warfare that is possible when Christians begin to invade the enemy’s last remaining stronghold, to complete the Great Commission.

Click here to watch the entire the entire interview.

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Posted by Gabriel Paul Jackson on Wednesday, July 15, 2020