Back To Jerusalem Children's Books and Prayer Bear!

Meet FuFu: Three introductory books that will open your children’s eyes to the world of missions while teaching your children the Mandarin language and characters as they read. Let FuFu rest in your child’s arm at night as they say their prayers for missionaries around the world. A cuddly reminder for them to pray.

True Stories Told by Fictional Characters

As you step through the swaying arch into the bamboo forest, you enter the warm, welcoming home of a rotund panda and a few quirky friends. There in FuFu’s Forest, you will always find a bottomless cup of tea and true tales brought back from missionaries in the field.

Tales From FuFu's Forest

The Courage To Obey

In The Courage to Obey, Shan gets a little spooked while staying home alone and ventures out for a walk. That’s when he discovers the enchanting bamboo forest and some very interesting new friends. But it’s there in FuFu’s Forest where Shan finds exactly what he needs: the encouraging story of a real-life missionary in Tibet, with the courage to go wherever God may lead.

The Miracle of Spring

When a baby bird falls from its nest in the bamboo forest, Shan and his friends gather around, hoping for a miracle. Yang, seeing Miss Fay’s sadness, reminds her of a real-life miracle that she had witnessed in Saudi Arabia not too long ago. That’s when Miss Fay proceeds to tell them all about a true miracle of spring, about a girl who saw Jesus in the bottom of a well and was raised up again, to a new life in Him.

The Healing Hand of God

When Shan’s father becomes very sick, Shan keeps watch by his bedside all through the night. Feeling worried and helpless, Shan finally steps away to get some fresh air and wanders into the lush bamboo forest. That’s where he bumps into Old Red and hears the miraculous true story of a Chinese missionary touched by a power much greater than him, a power that sets him free: the healing hand of God.

The BTJ Prayer Bear

The Panda and clothes are designed to help one immediately think of China. When China comes to mind it is our hope that people will take time to pray for the Chinese BTJ Missionaries who are bravely going into some of the hardest countries in the world with the love of Jesus Christ.

This prayer bear has no special powers, it has not been prayed over or blessed. It is simply a reminder to pray for the BTJ missionaries, as a prayer card or calendar would.

This is a great gift or tool to help children learn to enjoy praying for missions.

Comes with two piece removable clothing, removable ear tag with short description of BTJ vision and BTJ lettering on bottom of foot.

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