Kids Books

Reading forms our imagination. It shows us possibilities we could not have imagined for ourselves and it opens doors to new worlds which invite us to explore and look at ourselves in a different way.

In our childrens books we want to invite children into the world of the persecuted church and of mission—not to frighten them, but in order to show them what God can do in seemingly impossible circumstances. We want them to come away from reading these books thinking bigger of God, being braver themselves and having hearts filled with compassion for people who live in closed nations.

Although told by fictional characters, these stories are not fiction. They are real stories, most of which happened quite recently. The people in them are not heroes, but normal people, trusting God and obeying him even when it is hard. This makes it easier for the children to relate to the characters, and reflect on what they would have done.

If you have children in your life, roughly from ages four to ten, we suggest you look into our Fufu series. We have eight books so far, and you can get a prayer bear, to go with them—a panda bear reminding little readers to pray for missionaries.

Not only parents and grandparents buy our childrens books. Recently, we met a teacher at our book table, who bought a Fufu book with a bear to read to the children at her Christian school and to teach the children to pray for mission. What a lovely way of incorporating mission and discipleship into the school curriculum. If you are a (Sunday school) teacher, you may want to consider if this is a resource you could use!

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