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Covid restrictions are dropping. That means it’s time to travel again and foreign missions is calling your name.

Back to Jerusalem wants to invite you to join us on a VISION TRIP to Northern Iraq this year, that is certain to transform your life forever!

A VISION TRIP is a special opportunity to join BTJ missionaries on the field, interact with unreached people groups, and serve where needed.

The Islamic State invaded Northern Iraq in 2014 and executed and abducted thousands of local residents. Those who were able to flee faced a daunting journey after being suddenly driven from their homes. Many of these people have lived for years in refugee camps and are just now returning to their villages.

Don’t have a lot of time in your schedule? No problem. The BTJ vision trip will only be 1 WEEK from Nov 28-Dec 5 and during this one week, you will be joining us to meet with Chinese BTJ missionaries, see the need on the ground, learn from one of the earliest civilizations on earth, walk in the footsteps of those in the Bible, and pray over the land.

Our goal is to encourage the missionaries and to remind them that they are not alone.

As part of the BTJ VISION TRIP, you will have the opportunity to work with the refugees and those impacted the most by the war. We can’t promise that you will not be exhausted at the end of the trip. We can only guarantee one thing: you will never be the same!

This could very well be the trip that causes you to return to your home, sell everything, and move to a nation in the 10/40 window.


Spaces are limited.

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