Today is Purim and, at BTJ, we want to give all of our supporters and partners a very special gift:

50% off our exclusive book Jesus in Iran or $0.99 for the ebook.

For the ebook – 90% OFF

This special sale is ONLY available for the next 48 hours during Purim.

Jesus in Iran is ONLY available at Back to Jerusalem.

Why are we making a book about Iran available during Purim? Because Purim is the celebration of the Jewish people’s triumph over the prospect of total annihilation while in Iran.

Enhance Your Understanding

Purim is perhaps the most mysterious of all Jewish holidays and you learn why in Jesus in Iran. We uncover some of the deepest mysteries of Purim in the book of Esther like you have never seen before.

Do you think you know the book of Esther? Think again!

Unlike most Bible studies that focus on the book of Esther, Jesus in Iran was completely written inside Iran while secretly working with the underground church and reveals some of the most unknown secrets about the Book of Esther. Go into your next Bible study session with information that will enlighten your entire home group.

“I am a Christian from Iran and I never knew any of this,” said one sister from Iran after reading Jesus in Iran. “So much history has been hidden from us. Iranian believers often look down on our country, but this book gives us back what the enemy has tried to hide from us.”

For Purim 2021, we want to share that information with you, for “I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep.”

Jesus in Iran will answer so many of the mysterious questions about the book of Esther. For instance:

Do you know why Esther is the only book of the Bible with an Iranian name, or why Jesus does not refer to it?

Do you really know why Haman hated Mordecai so much? Haman hated Mordecai on a personal level – not just because he was a Jew and wouldn’t bow as most Christians believe. Haman had a family secret that made him deeply hate Mordecai on a personal level.

Do you know why many Jewish teachers in history wanted to have Esther removed from the Bible?

Did you know the king issued an order to kill all Jews and never took it back? That’s right! Most Christians read the book of Esther thinking that the king changed his mind and decided not to have all of the Jews killed, but that is not what happened.

Did you know that God used something equivalent to America’s Second Amendment – the right to bear arms – to save the nation of Israel?

Oh… man… there is SO much to share about Purim and the book of Esther that will simply blow your mind.  You will learn about all of this and more in Jesus in Iran.

You don’t have time to read? Why not get the Jesus in Iran audio book for only $0.99!

That is a 90% savings!

For 48 hours ONLY. On February 27, this sale will be over.

What if you do not have the money to buy these books?

No money? No problem! Join our special Purim podcast where we share the secrets contained in the book of Esther like you have never heard before. Listen by clicking here.

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