Jesuit Priest Leaves Priesthood After Reading ‘The Heavenly Man’

Fabian was a well known Jesuit Priest in the Catholic Church – that is until he read Brother Yun’s story, The Heavenly Man.

Fabian, a former Jesuit Priest from Poland, shares with BTJ how he was amazed by the way the power of God moved through the underground house church, as shared by Brother Yun.


Fabian was not just a nominal Catholic attending mass once a week. He was a member of the Jesuit priestly order, also known as the Society of Jesus; a religious order of clerics made up of the most devout men in the Catholic Church headquartered in Rome. Jesuits, like special military units, are expected to accept orders to go anywhere in the world, where they might be required to live in extreme conditions. In Poland, they carry a lot of prestige in society, but Fabian saw something different in the Chinese underground house church and how they were experiencing revival. He opens up with us on the BTJ podcast and shares in depth how his life transformed.

To listen to that podcast, click below.

Episode 621: Rare Interview With Former Jesuit Priest


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