Israel’s New War: BTJ Missionaries Report Battles on Israel’s Northern Border with Lebanon

BTJ missionaries are requesting prayer after the fighting between Israel and Lebanon has escalated and the situation is hanging by a thread.

The fighting between Israel and Lebanon has been described in the news as border skirmishes, but it is clear that it is much more. The battle between the two nations is escalating. Hezbollah, with clear ties to Iran, have been supporting Hamas in the south by engaging Israel from the northern border to create a multi-front engagement.

Over 26,000 Lebanese have fled southern Lebanon. The olive harvest in the area, the main source of income for southern Lebanon, has been decimated with 40,000 olive trees burned up. 1100 acres of farmland has been destroyed, leaving southern Lebanon without a food source for years to come.

Almost nothing is being reported on the situation between Lebanon and Israel, but BTJ missionaries have been on the ground, working in the region, and have recently sent a prayer request to all churches in China and abroad.

NOTE: The following prayer request has been slightly altered to protect the identity of the missionaries.

Peace, dear family.

As the Palestinian-Israeli situation has spread, we have seen southern Lebanon begin to engage in continuous fighting with northern Israel, resulting in nearly a hundred Lebanese deaths.

We are supporting co-workers and families with basic food to survive for a period of time in case of war. In addition, a living allowance for co-workers, families, and women with children.

Prayer Request:

1. Pray that the Lord will stop the further spread of war and grant the Middle East a more peaceful environment so that people in this region can have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

2. We hope to continue to serving here

3. Inflation has hit us hard. Please ask the Lord to continue to guide us during this time.

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