Isaac Liu – Son of the Heavenly Man – IN THE UK THIS MONTH

For the first time, Isaac Liu will be in the UK doing a week long tour in Wales and England!

Isaac Liu was born to Christian parents in China and his family was quickly labeled an enemy of the state. As a child, he grew up on the run. His father, Brother Yun (known as the Heavenly Man), spent years in and out of prison and didn’t see Isaac for the first time until he was four years old. Before Isaac was even born, his mother was told by the government she would be forced to have an abortion.

Isaac Liu survived and today is the pastor of an international church in Germany. He travels the world, casting the vision for the largest mission movement in the world today – Back to Jerusalem.

Come and join us for this week of special meetings in the UK!

For more information on the full schedule click here:

Isaac Liu in the UK

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