Is India Changing Name of Country to Bharat?

Rumors are swirling that India is changing the name of their nation. The rumors started with a single phrase on a G20 dinner invitation referring to India’s president as “President of Bharat.”

Bharat is an ancient Sanskrit word that has long been used to describe India. Generally, the word India is used when referencing the country in English, while Bharat is used in Hindi and Hindustan meaning ‘land of the Hindus” in Urdu.

India might not be changing their name any time soon, but it was highly unusual to see the name Bharat on Dinner invitations.

Dinner invitations might not seem very important, but when looking back in history, Iran was officially called Persia until the 1930s, when Hitler began to write simple letters using the word “Iran” instead of Persia. Hitler used the name “Iran” – meaning land of the Arians and it was soon adopted as the official name of the nation.


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    While there are rumors circulating about India potentially changing its name to Bharat, it’s important to note that such a significant change is unlikely to happen in the near future.

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    It would be a substantial decision that involves cultural, historical, and political factors.


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