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  1. There is a small group of Christians who have been sending teams into Iraq since two weeks after ISIS took Mosul. There is a team there now helping the Yazidi, Muslim and displaced Christians. Currently the teams are primarily supplying clothes, food, medical care, prayer, and sharing the good news of Jesus. One of the goals is to help the 100,000 displaced Christians who have lost everything. The UN camps are not helping the 200,000 Christians. Half of them want to stay and keep a Christian presence in Iraq, rebuild their lives. Much support in finances, and manpower is needed for this effort. The desire is to provide credit to start jobs and low income housing. Rev. Jerry Krammer with Love for the Least is leading this effort. More info. on how to help can be found on the website: www,lovefortheleast.com. I will be going in June. Want to help?

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