Iranian Christians Call for Prayer and Fasting

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Believers in the underground church in Iran are on their knees, praying and fasting.

As Iran braces for retaliation from Israel, the Islamic Republic of Iran is already warning of a massive response if Israel attacks. The people of Iran and our Christian brothers and sisters are stuck in the middle. They do not agree with the Iranian government and they understand the terror that this Islamic government brings to the world. They live under this terror every day because they carry the name of Jesus. They are hated and hunted down daily by the Islamic republic of Iran.

Yet they continue to share the message of the Gospel to the most remote places. And Christianity is growing faster in the Islamic republic of Iran than any other country!

The Persians (Iranians) believe that they play a crucial role in God’s plan in transforming the Middle East for Jesus, as they earnestly prepare for His return. The Persians have had a crucial role in Biblical history (king Cyrus, king Darius, king Xerexes) in helping rebuild Jerusalem and protect the Jewish people. The kings who worshipped Jesus after He was born were also believed to be Persians. The first three people groups (Parthians, Medes, Elamites) mentioned in Acts 2:9 as becoming followers of Jesus on the day of Pentecost were Persians as well.

Iran/Persia had a lot of Christians until 1,400 years ago when Islam attacked the Persian people and killed them or forced them to accept Islam. After 1,400 years a revival is happening in Persia that is spreading throughout the region.

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