Iran Bibles

For 2022, BTJ has a vision to raise half a million US dollars to print, smuggle, and distribute Bibles in Iran.

Iran is in desperate need of Bibles, and there are few organizations able to get Bibles into the country right now. Many have been trying to smuggle them across the border from Turkey, Armenia, or Azerbaijan… but all of these roads have serious risks.

There is currently a BTJ team on the ground in Iran that has no other support except for the generous donors that have given to BTJ. The BTJ team is doing the unthinkable – taking thousands of Bibles into the middle of Iran, right under the noses of the authorities, and supporting the Christians there.

We have declared 2022 to be the Year of the Illegal Bible and we are determined to deliver more Bibles than we have ever done before. In the dark nation of Iran we are seeing a Bible Revival, but the effort is going to take faith and prayer.

Back to Jerusalem is starting up “bakeries” inside Iran to bake the ‘Bread of Life’ and deliver it to hungry believers around the nation. This effort is made possible with the dedication of Iranian and Chinese missionaries on the ground, the ingenuity of the production team to find unique ways to make God’s Word available through the latest technology, and with the tons of prayer and support that we have from BTJ partners around the world.

Bible Production

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