Invite Brother Yun to the UK

Brother Yun tries to come to the UK in the summer for regional tours. The tour regions are based on the invitations received. Please send us your invitation and then join us in prayer as we make tour plans. All UK invitations are handled by and will be sent to the Back to Jerusalem UK office.

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    There are five requirements for a Brother Yun speaking event.

    1. That a Back to Jerusalem representative is given time to share the vision and work of BTJ

    2. That Brother Yun is given time to share his testimony or whatever God has put on his heart

    3. That a freewill offering is taken during the event with 100% going to a specific BTJ project

    4. Space in the foyer or highly visible area to set up a table for books, materials, and donations

    5. That your team commits to cover the event in prayer, for at least the week leading up to it

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