Invest in the Future: The BTJ Martyr’s Scholarship Fund 2021

If you want to make an investment that will really make a difference, there is no better way than to invest into the lives of children of those who have been persecuted for the sake of the Gospel.

BTJ doesn’t just support the persecuted church; we also support the children of the persecuted church.

Due to severe persecution and restrictions on Chinese Christians in recent years, many Christian families are finding it difficult to give their children a proper education. Believers are being hit with huge fines that they will never be able to pay. Sales of homes are being blocked, travel has been restricted, jobs are being revoked, and thousands are being arrested.

To help in this time of need, BTJ has the Martyrs Scholarship Fund to help children who are directly affected by parents facing restrictions, government pressure, surveillance, prison and other forms of persecution in China.

This year, the 2021 BTJ Martyr’s Scholarship award went to two families.

[Note: Due to the nature of the award, certain details must remain private].

The first award of $5,000 USD goes to the child [name withheld] of a Chinese pastor who spent two and a half years behind bars facing torture, threats to his family, and severe health issues. In 2015, after an initial period of harassment, the police came out in full force during a service and arrested the pastor inside the church. The pastor was taken to jail and accused of possessing state secrets. He was put in prison and tortured for two and a half years.

BTJ received a request to help pay for university for the pastor’s son. The son is currently enrolled into a great university, is surrounded by believers who love him, and has had all of his tuition and living expenses paid for by believers through the Martyr’s Scholarship fund.

The second award of $3,000 USD goes to the child [name withheld] of one of the first BTJ missionaries to leave from China. In early 2000’s, a team of young missionaries left China and moved to Yemen to preach the Gospel. One of them is still serving in the Middle East and planting churches. There has been a lot of opposition to their presence in the country and their children have felt the hardship.

BTJ received an official request to help pay for the annual school fees for the child of the Middle Eastern missionary. The child is currently enrolled in a top school and the tuition fee is one less worry for the BTJ missionary parents.

If you would like to join BTJ and bless a child of a persecuted family, please click here.

To apply for the BTJ Martyr’s Scholarship Fund please send an email to


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