Introducing the Most Dangerous Group of People in China

One of the most dangerous groups in China is not a terrorist group, but a group of people that you have never heard of – Christian Uyghurs on fire to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A group of Christians recently launched the World Uyghur Christian Union (WUCU), with a commitment to “spread the Good News of their faith to their people.”

The prevailing narrative right now is that Uyghurs, the indigenous people group that make up the largest province in China, are all Muslim. According to the WUCU, that belief is simply wrong and their organization of Uyghur believers stands as a light to the world that Jesus is still in Xinjiang Province.

At their very first conference called, “The Uyghur Quest for the Gospel,” Christian Uyghurs proved that their people worshipped Jesus long before Islam was ever known and they plan to bring Him back. Given the inherent violence in Xinjiang Province already, this is an extremely dangerous proposition.

Surprisingly, the WUCU conference held in Westminster last month showed evidence of 1,500 scriptures and religious commentaries found in the ancient Turpan region of Xinjiang. The evidence gave testimony of when the Uyghur church exploded in the ninth century, when Christian missionaries from Iran were the most active. WUCU leaders believe that they will see Christ move in Xinjiang again.

A Christian revival in Xinjiang would change everything. Today, Xinjiang is one of the most dangerous regions in all of China. Uyghur Muslims have been actively fighting the CCP for many years. As a response, China has created massive re-education camps, also known as concentration camps, to force-feed atheist ideology, but to no avail. The detention camps have only turned the region into more of a volatile powder keg that is ready to explode. Chinese authorities are extremely aggressive towards Christian evangelists in Xinjiang, because they believe their activities only provoke the anger of Muslims.

However, WUCU, believing that Jesus is the answer to the violence in Xinjiang, might hold the key to completely change the region. Muslims also want a change in Xinjiang – their vision is to create an independent Islamic state. Christian Uyghurs preaching Jesus and seeing the church grow in Xinjiang are a road-block to that vision.

BTJ currently supports 220 missionaries in western China, most of them active in the Xinjiang region and are currently providing secret pill-sized Bibles to Uyghurs in re-education camps.

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