INTRODUCING THE FLYING KISS – World’s Tallest Attraction Ride in China (Would You Do It?)

No safety harness.  No seat belt.  No seat!  China’s new extreme ride, the tallest carousel and quadruple turning observation deck in the world, is grabbing everyone’s attention. It is being dubbed as the “Flying Kiss.”

Would you do it?

The “Flying Kiss” is an extreme theme park attraction of which the likes have never been seen before.  The ‘Flying Kiss’ is two giant statues, overlooking a 3,000 ft. cliff – one of a man and the other of a woman. The ride begins with the man and woman bending down to the ground to pick up passengers from a rooftop platform. Once on board, the giant statues, holding you up on observation decks with one arm, bring you up into the sky for a spectacular view that is unforgettable.

There are no seats, seat belts, or safety harnesses for the entire ride. For safety, there is simply a waste-high gate. You are free to move about the observation deck throughout the duration of the ride as the carousel turns and rises – giving you spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys below.

The two statues represent two lovers from a Chinese mythical love story and the big finale is when the pair reach their highest elevation, at which point the two statues ‘kiss.’

Not much information is available in English on this new ride yet, but it sounds like perhaps BTJ will have to add a new ‘stop’ to the annual prayer walk when China opens up again for travel after the coronavirus.  Everyone is welcome to join us.


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