How You Can Help: Bringing Hope to Turkey

Operation is underway in Turkey to build tiny homes for people who have lost everything in the recent earthquakes. Studies show that 1.5 million people are currently homeless with the need for 500,000 new homes to be built. While thousands are living in tents, staying with family and friends and others living in damaged buildings which are unsafe to occupy, the need for housing is a top priority.

Back to Jerusalem just sent a small team into Turkey to help a few of these families receive a small glimpse of hope. The team spent about 10 days building small semi-temporary homes to help a few families who had lost everything. The BTJ team worked alongside other teams who had also come from around the world to help build these tiny homes.

Each house kit cost roughly $2,500, which includes delivery to the building site. These small two-room houses are roughly 14 by 16 feet and can be built in a day. The kits come pre-cut and simply require a team of 4-5 people to assemble them.

So, how can you help?

There is currently a need for more teams to travel to Turkey to continue this operation. You can take your own team to work with our partners on the ground in Turkey. Each team would be required to raise their own funding for the houses they would build, as well as cover all their own expenses for travel and living for the duration of the trip. Building skills would be required for at least some of the team members. This is not a BTJ sponsored trip, but we can put you in contact with those coordinating this project inside of Turkey.

If you are interested in raising funds and putting a team together, please send an email to Will at for more information.


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