How the CCP Are Changing Christianity in China

You absolutely cannot miss Eugene’s eye-opening final episode on China’s covert 5-year plan to transform Christianity from within. This is crucial information that most Western believers are completely unaware of – until now.

In this compelling four-part podcast series, Eugene meticulously breaks down the new laws implemented by the CCP to execute this alarming strategy.

This isn’t simply a Sinification of Christianity – it’s a full-scale attempt at communist indoctrination of the faith. We’re talking about a complete replacement of core Christian values.  China’s actions mirror those of ancient Samaria. aiming to install a counterfeit version of how and where to worship God. The parallels are striking and the implications are profound.

Act now – listen, learn, and spread the word! You can find the final part to this series below:

Episode 739: China’s Secret Plan To Change Christianity From The Inside – Part 4

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