How a Pastor Saw His Church Grow From a Cave to 10 million Believers Throughout China

It is impossible to understand the world’s largest revival without looking into the history of the underground house church of China. It is equally impossible to tell the story of the underground House church of China without telling the story of Pastor Zhang Rongliang.

Pastor Zhang has been one of the most central (and sometimes most controversial) figures in all of China’s underground house church. He is the founding pastor of one of the largest and most well-known underground house church networks, called Fengcheng, named after the town of its origin.

That church is estimated to have as many as 10 million believers and it all started in a small cave.

In the early years of the Chinese revival, Christians had to hide from the police. Pastor Zhang, a well known Communist Party official before he became a Christian, had been arrested several times during which he was beaten to a bloody pulp and left to rot in a prison cell.

When he was released from prison, he needed a safe place to meet with fellow believers, so they used a small cave in a remote forest in Henan Province. It was in this remote cave that the Spirit of God moved in a way that swept through all of China.

Pastor Zhang’s amazing story of how he saw his church grow from a small cave to a network throughout all of China can be found in the book I STAND WITH CHRIST.

I Stand With Christ

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