House Church Raided in China with “More than a Dozen Christians” Arrested

“More than a dozen” Christians were arrested in China’s latest house church raid.

Police raided a house church meeting on Tuesday morning in Guiyang, a city in China’s Guizhou Province, according to reports. “More than a dozen of our brothers and sisters were taken away [by police]” reported one man who goes by the name Huang.

Huang said one of those detained was church elder, Zhang Chulei. Church members have visited the police station in an attempt to check on their situation.

According to our sources, churches are forced to meet in secret during the coronavirus lockdowns. During this time, the government has been actively using online monitoring systems to record messages, to obtain the names of Christians, and to track online group activities.

A pastor who leads an underground house church network in Anhui Province shares, “Churches cannot meet online. It is not safe. The government forced official churches to close and forced them to go online, but when they are online, the government records the message and who the speakers are, keeps a log of all the names of all the attendees, and then tracks their movement and behavior afterwards.”

Pastor Joe and his church continued to meet secretly in person throughout the year 2020. This fellowship in Guiyang were obviously doing the same.

Please continue to pray for the church in China as they continue to go through very difficult trials and continued persecution.

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