Honoring the Sacrifice of Frontline Missionaries

Some of our brothers and sisters serve in areas of the mission frontline where they are not only under spiritual threat, but also face direct physical danger. Some of them even pay for that with their lives. How can we honor these sacrifices which they have made on behalf of the entire body of Christ?

One way is by looking after their orphaned children.

One brother was compelled by the love of Christ to look after people fleeing from a violent regime. He took care of their physical needs and shared the gospel with them. He was so effective that his work caught the attention of the regime and they had him assassinated.

His family had to flee and start a new life in another country. We can do very little to take away the pain of losing their husband and father, as well as their home country and support network. It is a heavy cross to bear. But what we can do is help the children of this brother to complete their education, now that their father can no longer provide for them.

Back to Jerusalem has a Martyrs Scholarship Fund set up for young people like them. For one year, we can pay 75% of their college fees. In this way, we can let them know that the international body of Christ sees and honors the sacrifice their father made and that they are not forgotten by the church.

We do not want to add to the burden of this bereaved family by dragging them into the spotlight and asking them to share their story or have their photo with this article. We just want to bless them. If you want to contribute to these college fees, please donate to our Martyrs Scholarship Fund below.

BTJ Martyrs Scholarship Fund

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