Homosexuality in the Church Today

There are a lot of churches that have gay-affirming pastors and congregations. Why?

Eugene is in Indiana with Pastor Chris and they sit down to discuss something that is not as common in the Chinese Church, but has become a contentious topic in the Western Church.

In the past, nobody questioned whether homosexuality was sinful; everyone knew it was. Thus, a practicing homosexual was always denied a place in the church. Today however, many want to make churches a more diverse and inclusive community. Eugene makes the point that people, although they condemn the sin these people are doing, do not want to condemn the sinner.  Pastors and church leaders would never want to appear as hateful or unaccepting, so they often changed their harsh words into more gentle ones. They don’t want to address sin directly.

But, be encouraged.  History repeats itself, and the enemy is not that original.

Paul speaks to people who see homosexuality as a common norm, and he is not offending people’s culture by what he is saying, he is attacking their religion.  Pastor Chris says “The new morality is tolerance, and that is not morality. Morality is what the Bible declares as right and wrong. Live according to the wisdom of the scriptures.”  If homosexuality was an acceptable lifestyle, Jesus could have swung the doors open during His time on Earth because during the life of Jesus homosexuality was accepted, practiced, and treated as a common norm.  Jesus did not do that.

Homosexuality is another step in the defiance of God.  Ponder with Eugene about the shift that has taken place in the last 10 years that has made this seem to be an acceptable and celebrated position.

You can find the full episode below:

Episode 625: Homosexuals in Today’s Church with Pastor Chris Monaghan

I am a Messianic Jewish believer that felt the tug of the L-rd towards the unreached. I decided I would go to China. My love for the Chinese people grew while I was there, but when I learned of the Back to Jerusalem movement, I knew the L-rd wanted me to be proclaiming His gospel message to the unreached people between China and Jerusalem. Let’s unite and complete the great commission. We need to accept the challenge Jesus has given us so that we can feel the exhilaration of victory.

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  1. James Arendt

    This difference between sinners and saints is the saints know they’re sinners and constantly try to do better while the sinners justify their sins or do not acknowledge what they do is sin. I know of two repentant gay men, and I lived next door to a gay man many years who justifies himself though he calls himself a Christian. It all comes down to
    one’s attitude towards the Bible, how much one reads it and believes it.


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