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The church leaders in China were asked to gather together the worship leaders from their churches that bare themselves before God as they lead the believers in worship.

We asked them to sing the songs that are typical for the Christmas season – in China. In the west we sing a range of Christmas songs that are familiar to us all. In China, which has long been a Communist nation, there are no such traditions established. The nation does not highlight the celebration of Christmas like you and I are used to. Nor do they sing the traditional Christmas songs that we have come to enjoy and love so much over the years.

what you need to hear

Instead the Chinese church has developed its own musical Christmas traditions.

Back to Jerusalem took the unique opportunity to record the authentic voices of the underground church, as they sang their Christmas songs to us. The songs are full of message, meaning and the true reason for this season.

We also knew you were curious to hear for yourself what worship in China sounds like!

We wanted to share with you the distinctive way in which the Chinese church worships Christ. It is raw. It is real. It is not what you are used to.

We recorded it, and were floored by the exercise. As we recorded the many voices of the church, we were broken and touched by the authenticity they brought to the recording studio – a beat down little hotel in western China.

When you listen to these Christmas songs, you will not recognize many of the tunes, nor will you understand the lyrics. You must allow yourself to go beyond the unfamiliar tunes and the peculiar language. If you do, you will notice that your spirit will miraculously, somehow, still understand. You will be drawn into the worship and soon will find yourself worshiping too.

Here is your chance to connect with heaven, along with the Christians of the underground church of China, all in Mandarin.

For a donation of $25 or more to Iraq you can download nine raw and authentic Chinese Christmas songs this season. Please be sure to include an email address were we can send the download link.

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  1. Jorge Parrott

    How do I get the music download? I gave $25.00 and did not see instructions how to get it. thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

    1. Will Author

      The promotion is for $25 or more given to Iraq. I see your donation was to Where Needed Most, so it was missed for the music download. We have corrected this, and the link has been sent to you.

  2. Will Author

    Please make sure your donations are given to Iraq. If you have sent to Where Needed Most, and wanted to receive the music, please email and let us know.

  3. ewan yandall

    The music is very nice and I have it playing continually. Thank you very much I recommend it to all. Please remember my wife Ceicily to the dear faithful Chinese house church people for complete healing from cancer. thank you and God bless everyone there in the Chinese house church movement, Ewan

  4. Timothy

    I almost cried, my mother language! Yes, this is the true Christian songs in China. I love my country and my people! ___Timothy

  5. Linda Rice

    Looking forward to listening to the music. Blessings


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