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Have You Joined the 30 Day Prayer Challenge for the Persecuted Church?

Have you joined Back to Jerusalem for the 30 Day Prayer Challenge? For the month of August, Back to Jerusalem is offering a 30 Day Devotional podcast for free. Join author and podcast host, Eugene Bach, and listen to the incredible testimonies of those who have suffered for their faith.  Day #1 started with Brother Yun sharing about his time

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The Silent Crosses: 20 Missionaries who Changed China Forever

A German missionary from the 1800’s that may have opened the very first Back to Jerusalem training center more than 150 years ago! A missionary from Finland who refused to leave when the Communist took over. A Canadian missionary stood on a platform so high that he could preach to 25,000 people without a microphone in the late 1800’s. A

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Hooray!!! China Ends “One Child Policy”

As China continues to experience a large Christian revival, the country’s official stance on many things are starting to change. One of the things changing in China is the value of life. The long held stance of population control has been embraced through the “One Child Policy” where families were limited to only one child per home. When the propaganda

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