Badge of Faith

Stonetable presents Badge of Faith, a movie that is wholesome, family-friendly and based on a true story – with a true American hero – a movie you do not want to miss out on.

Bryan Lawrence, a police officer, is kicked in the head one night while on duty, and sustains permanent damage to his spine and his life is turned upside down in an instant. He is left paralyzed from the neck down.

The movie takes you straight into the action, and it quickly becomes apparent that Bryan is a man with good standing in his community. He has developed strong relationships with everyone from young children, bikers to fellow police collegues as well as his church community, during his police career.

When the unthinkable happens, and Bryan finds himself paralyzed in a hospital bed, he makes a decision to trust God. His faith is challenged to the extreme as he struggles with pain, confusion and depression. Yet, it is his faith and Bryan’s strong family bond that keeps him from giving up.

Early on Bryan decides that he must keep his promise to his soon to be daughter-in-law Rebecka – to walk her down the aisle. That decision keeps him fueled and determined to get better. He refuses to believe the doctors when they tell him that he will not be able to walk again. Instead, Bryan turns to God, dedicates himself to grueling therapy and refuses to let go of his faith.

Against all odds Bryan fights back.

This true story is pure entertainment and encouragement for the whole family, coupled with action, humor and love, in the midst of the human struggles that are familiar to us all.

It inspires faith!

Stonetable delivers all the way with Badge of Faith. Above all it delivers a message to “keep your eyes fixed on Him” (Ps. 23:26).

Do not miss out!

Churches and communities across the nation are encouraged to contact Stonetable to arrange screenings. This movie goes beyond entertainment, and alignes with our deeply held Christian values and purpose. Badge of Faith is based on a true American hero who lives an authentic life of faith. We challenge you to get in touch.

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Badge of faith

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  1. Nkosinathi Mhlophe

    I have just finished reading the book-The heavenly man.The book touched me so much and is bringing me to my knees.God bless brother Yum so much.I trust God to bless my business so I can partner with the backtojerusalem project.Even then I will not wait to have millions to give to this very Godly project.I will give even if it is 10 dollars.


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